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Preschool Parent Connect – Creation – September 9

Preschool Parent Connect – Creation

In the busyness of our daily lives, especially this time of year, we have a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the story of Creation, our first lesson of the curriculum year. What a blessing to know that God created everything, and He created it all for His own purposes. This includes you and your children. As you do these activities this week with your kids, thank the Lord for the wonders of His creation right in your own home.

HIGHLIGHTS from Sunday…

This week your child learned that God created everything, and He created it all for His own purposes. The creation account in Genesis 1—2:3 tells us:

On Day 1, God created lightness and darkness. He called it day and night.
On Day 2, God created space between the waters and called it sky.
On Day 3, God created dry land and plants, each to have their own seed.
On Day 4, God created the lights in the sky, the sun and moon.
On Day 5, God filled the sky with birds and the oceans with sea creatures.
On Day 6, God created living creatures of every kind and told them to multiply. And He created man in His own image.
On Day 7, God saw all He had done and was pleased. He called the 7th day holy and rested.

Teaching Truths:

  1. God created the world and every living thing.
  2. God said everything He made was good.
  3. God made man in His image.

Memory Verse:

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 (NASB)

3 Activities that remind us that God Created the World:

  1. Collection Board

Creation Collection Board – Take a sheet of poster board and divide it with a marker into seven sections. Label each section for each day of creation- Day 1, Day 2, etc. Encourage your child over the next week to find objects or draw items that correspond to the days of creation that go in each section. Such as on…

Day 1, divide the section in half and color the bottom section black;
Day 2, glue cotton balls for the clouds in the sky;
Day 3, collect flowers and leaves to glue in this section;
Day 4, make a sun and moon out of paper;
Day 5, glue a feather from a bird;
Day 6, place a picture of your child because God created him, too;
Day 7, have your child draw a huge smile because God was pleased. Hang the collection board in the breakfast area or family room, where it can serve as a conversation starter when your family is together.

  1. Store Search

While at the grocery store, Target, or Walmart, you and your children can play the color walk game. As you are doing your shopping, have your child find items representing things in God’s creation (orange pumpkin, pink flower, purple grapes, brown bear, white bunny). When your child finds an item, have him name the color and object and talk about how God created everything.

  1. Creation Hunt

Go on a creation hunt with your child; grab a basket and take a walk outside. Place items in the basket such as flowers, feathers or leaves. Return home and place a picture of your child in the basket, too. Talk about how God created everything, even him.


God, how powerful You are to make this whole world. How good You are to make it so beautiful, and how smart You are to make it so interesting! Help us learn more about You as we learn about Your creation.


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