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AMITY PRESCHOOL PARENT CONNECT – May Week 3 (5/17): Paul’s Travels

CM Preschool Parent Connect – May Week 3: Paul’s Travels

Mrs. Jennifer’s recorded lesson for the week:

Praise and Worship Song

God Cares for Me


Memory Verse

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love

endures forever.       Psalm 107:1


U9L4 – Paul’s Travels

Version 1


After Jesus changed Paul’s heart and life, Paul wanted to share the forgiveness he had received with others. As you do these activities with your kids this week, pray for opportunities to share the gospel with someone. Then look for those opportunities to share what God has done in Paul’s life and in yours.

HIGHLIGHTS from the weekend…

This week we learned about Paul who used to be a mean man who was cruel to people who followed Jesus, but God greatly changed Paul’s life. Paul wanted everyone to know about the forgiveness he had received from Jesus. Paul began traveling to places far away to teach people about Jesus. God used Paul to help spread the Gospel throughout the world. Paul would share with people that Jesus was the Savior of the world who took on the punishment for their sins. Paul performed many signs and wonders through God. People were amazed and believed in God. When people believed in Jesus, Paul baptized them. People who followed Jesus began calling themselves Christians. (Acts 9:20-31)


Travel & Tell

Help your child to gather some of their stuffed animals. Divide them into 3 groups and place each group in different places around the room. Talk with your child about how Paul’s life was changed when he received forgiveness from Jesus. Paul decided to go on a trip telling others about Jesus’ love and forgiveness. Pretend to be Paul and travel around the room telling others (the stuffed animals) about Jesus and his love. Paul sometimes traveled in a boat, so act like you are rowing a boat as you go from one place to the next.


Praying Around the World

Remind your child that people who follow Jesus are called Christians. Look at a globe or map of the world and tell your child that there are Christians around the world. Have the child close their eyes and then put a finger on the globe/map. Read the name of the country they pointed to and then pray for the Christians that live there.


Sail Boat Snack

Cut a banana and a strawberry in half. The banana will be the bottom of the boat. Use a pretzel stick to attach the strawberry sail to the banana boat. Remind your child that Paul had to use a boat to get to many of the places he traveled to tell others about Jesus.

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