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1601 W Buckingham Road Richardson, TX 75081 | Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM

If you love serving children and their families, consider joining our team.  We are seeking committed Amity stewards who want to impact children for the Kingdom!

Join our team by completing these four simple steps:
(1) Complete a BACKGROUND CHECK.
(2) Schedule and attend an observation service.
(3) Participate in an evaluation.
(4) Start serving!

NOTE: We have monthly training/fellowship so that you can learn as you go.  We’re all learning together!


Early Arrival Childcare

Children’s Ministry needs 2-3 stewards per Sunday who will be responsible for any children arriving prior to documented check-in/classroom start time; steward servants need to arrive by 9 AM to get checked in.

  • The number of stewards will be adjusted based on the number of children typically served. Steward should be an adult not scheduled to work on the assigned Sunday, unless previously arranged.

NOTE: Early arrival childcare is intended for choir members, ushers, greeters, and CM stewards.


  • Prepares lesson and activity for appropriate Sunday
  • Engages classroom helpers, floaters, and Security, as needed
  • Preps classroom prior to lesson time as space permits
  • Manages classroom and students from the end of CM worship through dismissal
  • Ensures appropriate service/lesson closeout, via prayer by selected student

Classroom Helper

  • Assist, as needed, with order of worship
  • Serve as classroom manager to maintain order
  • Assist with restroom breaks, snacks, and other needs as required
  • Provide all required support for teacher in the classroom
  • Ensure appropriate levels of support from youth helpers and Security in the classroom
  • Assist with activities, crafts, or other lesson support
  • Ensure that roster is highlighted with all students in attendance (for emergency procedures)
    • Children with “dot indicators” (first time guests) should be written in
  • In the event of an emergency:
    • Count all students and adults, record numbers before leaving classroom
    • Ensure all children and adults arrive at designated safety location
    • Use available template for Emergency tracking
    • Responsible for securing children until emergency is cleared
    • o Dismiss only to parent (adult) with badge following clearing of emergency


  • Arrival time: 9:10am
  • Team member who assists, as needed, in any classroom or non-classroom role
  • On-call for teacher/classroom helper role, as designated


  • Arrive between 9-9:10 AM for check-in
  • Assist with unloading before service; transport snacks and supplies to CM area (from Connie’s or Debbie-Anne’s vehicle (flat bed and cart should be removed from storage to assist with this task)
  • Secure Children’s Ministry area by patrolling and monitoring individuals entering and leaving the CM area
  • Monitor entrances to restrooms (main doors and “side” doors)
  • Validate and collect badges when parents pick up students
  • Assist with snack delivery and distribution, as needed
  • Assist with restroom breaks, particularly for male students and students with special needs
  • Ensure CM area is cleared following dismissal (all children should be appropriately returned to parents following service)
  • Provide classroom support, as needed; check in with teachers/classroom helpers periodically; walk the older children’s classroom every 10-15 minutes to provide additional adult presence
  • CM Security will provide primary support in the event of an emergency
  • Security support is not limited to males; anyone is welcome to serve

Youth Helper - Security

  • Assist, as directed, by CM Security team

Youth Helper - Classroom

  • Service opportunity is limited to 1 Sunday per month; student must be 9th-12th grade & attend YM on other Sundays
  • Assist with classroom management during Worship and Lesson time
  • Assist children with restroom breaks, as required
  • Assist with snack distribution and clean-up
  • Helpers in the younger children’s classroom should assist with toddlers and babies, as needed
  • Assist with other duties, as assigned
  • Community service hours may be earned in accordance with school guidelines and student’s faithfulness and consistency in service


ALL CM Stewards – including Teen Helpers – MUST complete a background check prior to observing OR serving in Children’s Ministry!  

Please click THIS LINK and complete your online form.


Children’s Ministry Training – including Emergency Protocols, standards of conduct, Evangelism, etc. – is conducted throughout the year via monthly interactive modules. Our goal is to educate, build, and get to know our teams through these learning sessions.

We will meet on the 3rd Sunday after church (most months), but please be attentive to relevant announcements for each month’s training/fellowship date and topic(s).


EVERY family who does not currently have at least one parent regularly serving in Children’s Ministry on Sundays or Wednesdays is asked to serve at least one Sunday per quarter in Children’s Ministry.  

A completed background check is required prior to service. Please see the Children’s Ministry Director, Sunday Coordinator, or a Registration Specialist to sign up for service dates this year.

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