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300 Chisholm Place | Plano, TX 75075 | Sunday Service @ 10:30 AM

Our mission at Amity Bible Church is to know God and make Him known.  The Amity Bible Church Marriage Ministry seeks to make God known by standing on the foundation of God’s word as it relates to the biblical teachings and principles of God-ordained marriage.
Amity’s Marriage Ministry is designed to meet the spiritual needs and equip premarital/married couples in doing excellent works for the Kingdom of God within the Amity family and surrounding communities.

The Amity Bible Church Marriage Ministry shall work in conjunction with the Body of Christ with the goal to please God through service. God has ordained marriage, and Amity’s Marriage Ministry will provide couples with the divine and practical tools to overcome the strains of daily life as a married couple or engaged couple.

Through the marriage ministry, couples will learn to work together as a team to build their legacies as the kings and queens that God has ordained for their homes. Couples will be inspiring others to know God and to make Him known individually and as a team.

Minister Anthony & Angela Johnson
Adrian & Temekka Leday

If you have a question(s) or would like more information about the Marriage Ministry, please email:


We invite you to join us for the Vision Board Project 2022! Couples, families, and all stewards can participate. Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish……” (KJV). Remember to have fun and get creative!

Follow These Steps to get Started: 

Step 1: Click Here to download the PowerPoint attachment.

Step 2: Gather the listed supplies.

Step 3: Complete your 2022 Vision Board.

Interested in sharing your 2022 Vision Board? Email for the next steps!


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